Plesk Pricing Adjustment

  • Friday, 2nd February, 2018
  • 04:50am

This year Plesk has filled his 18 years of existence. As Plesk reseller, we received a notice that this company must adjust its prices to continue to provide services to its clients and partners in an adequate manner.

Plesk started in 1999 as a simple server control panel to manage server-related tasks. With the large amount of investment and effort in over the past two decades, Plesk has transformed into a leading platform used by many users and businesses.

In a notice which we get from Plesk, it is said that prices have not been altered since the beginning of Plesk. To continue to maintain an elevated level of professionalism, for this company it is necessary to invest in its development to adapt to the needs of its clients and partners.

Plesk has increased the prices of its services from 01.01.2018., SvenHost will need to adapt to the conditions, and therefore to the increase in products prices.

We sincerely hope that you will understand the needs of Plesk and that you will continue to use it as before, but also the position of SvenHost because of adjusting prices and conditions for using Plesk.

Certainly, SvenHost will try to have the most affordable Plesk offers on the market.

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